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Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 2015

I am happy to report that February was a much better month than January!  To start, in the beginning of the month, I went on a Momcation!  Basically, Tom knew I needed a break and that I like having "me" time, so for Christmas he booked me plane tickets to San Diego and a hotel room for a two and a half day jaunt to San Diego.  All. By. Myself.  Now, don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have brought Tom along with me, but someone had to watch Harp and I am quite comfortable being on my own.  I love Harp, but not bringing her was kind of the point.  I needed a break from 24 hour/day mom life.

Anyway, the trip was great.  To begin with, I walked off the plane into total sunshine and perfect warmth:

Also, I found this unopened bag of M&Ms in my front seat pocket!  A good omen.

My hotel room was lovely and very comfortable:

The hotel room was right on the water of Mission Bay:

My favorite part of the vacation was the evenings.  Because I was there as a single female without a car, not in the city center, I stayed inside in the evenings.  If I hadn't been forced to stay in, I probably would have pack my nights.  But, I'm really glad I was forced to stay inside and just relax for several hours each night!  I took long showers, ordered delivery, watched "my show," planned the next day, skyped with Tom and Harper and so on.  It was soooo nice.  I found myself counting down til that time toward the end of the day.  During the day, though, I went out and explored.

The first day, I didn't have too much time after getting there, so I just checked in, walked along the walking path beside the hotel (pictures above) and went to the local convenience store.

The next day (Friday), I went to the zoo!  I always love taking public transit in a new city and that was the only way to get there.  It's always an adventure, you get a more authentic experience of the city and it's a chance to meet the locals.  I was kind of in a hurry that morning so I didn't have my route down very well.  As a result, I had to rely on the busdrivers and passengers for help.  Which was great!  I met so many nice people and just felt so adventurous and independent!  People kept saying, "Man, I wish I was going to the zoo today!"  One nice old lady, who helped my find my way, had a nice conversation with me about cats and knitting.  I loved it.  

Anyway, I eventually got there and set to exploring the zoo.  It was beautiful!  I always love watching the animals and this one was particularly well set-up for that.  

These two were my favorite birds.  This guy came over and seemed to know them well.  He was talking to them and they'd come over and interact with them.  Also, they were just a cute couple (male and female).

The orangutans were another highlight.  Orangutans may be my favorite animal period, actually.  But this time there was this really entertaining group of them.  It was this mom and her little baby (about the same age as Harper, which made me miss her)

This sweet orangutan was just napping against the glass.  She seemed super sweet.



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