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Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick Update!

So, I don't really have time right now to update you on everything, but I'll just give a quick synopsis for now.  Basically, after a 4 hour bus ride to the Taipei airport, a 12 and a half hour flight to LA, 4 days packing in CA, a 10 hour drive to Salt Lake, 5 days packing in Utah and a 36 hour drive to Philadelphia (with a visit to my sister along the way) Tom and I are finally in the city of brotherly love!

We have been here for 2 or 3 days and have moved into our apartment and started putting it together.  We have gotten to see a bit of the area as well as the school and are still in that crazy stage where you don't have chairs yet, so you eat on the floor and you don't know how to get anywhere and don't have internet, so you call your mom so she can look up and tell you how to get to the public library, but then you can't use the internet once you get there because you don't have a library card and can't get one because you haven't received any mail addressed to you at your new address yet.  I feel strangely comfortable in this stage, have moved 18 times since graduating from high school 7 years ago.

Nevertheless, I anxiously await my favorite moving stage of all - the stage where you finally have designated spots for all of your possessions, you have your systems in place so that you know where to go no matter what you need, and your day has a happy rhythm to it, tailored just to you.  I haven't always been able to achieve that stage with each move, but I really feel like I will with this one.  One last sentiment before I go - Philadelphia is blowing my mind! I love it!