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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Babies, balconies and lovely food.

Ok, so, to begin this blog post, I have some pictures of one of the kids who I nanny. His mom was in need of a photo for his birth announcement and her camera wasn't treating her very well, so I took over. The first few I just thought were funny and the last couple are just nice. He is so expressive!



3: Love it.

4: Pretty cute face for me to be looking into all day, no?

5: This is the one that she actually ended up using. She used sepia tone, but I only had the option for black and white on my computer.

Now I have some more photos food! I realize some of you may be thinking it's weird or gross that I keep posting pictures of my food on here, but, what can I say? I just get so excited about it? Who knew having the perfect meal/snack could bring so much joy to life?

6: Clockwise for the top: corn; jasmine rice with tikka masala curry, beef, artichokes, carrots and onions; rice pudding for dessert.

7: Every night before I go to bed I read my scriptures while eating a bedtime snack. I was pretty excited about this one for some reason. Tagalongs and milk. So simple.

8: I was out on my balcony, enjoying the great weather, one day and decided I needed a refreshing snack. So, I took one of those peach jello fruit cups that they sell in packs of 6, stuck it in a bowl and put cool whip and strawberries on top. Best refreshing snack ever.

9: balcony! I LOVE my balcony, and now that it is warm I spend many of my "at home" hours on it. The blue pot is full of bulbs that I got from Merrifield Garden Center, chilled in my fridge for about 14 weeks and then stuck outside. They're doing so great!


11: Hyacinth.

12: Crocus bulbs in bloom.

13: Strawberries! (sorry about the feet)

14: More crocus bulbs.

15: More.


17: And back inside. These have already been on my blog. Banana plant in background.

18: In background you can see "B Sanders" the bromeliad.

19: Last, but not least, one of my favorites - "Harvey Unga" the bromeliad.

Life is great!