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Sunday, August 18, 2013

36 Weeks!

Well, I really wouldn't mind if this ends up being my last pregnancy post.  I am sooooo ready to be done!  Actually, it's a combination of being ready to not be pregnant anymore and being ready to meet my daughter (still sounds weird to say).  

First, about being pregnant.  What can I say? It's just not that fun at this point.  I mean, partly I've gotten so that I'm used to it enough to have adjusted.  But, it's still highly uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful.  I can't sleep, my belly aches all day, my rib still hurts, and it's a pain to move in any way.  But I have been lucky enough to not experience much swelling (except at this exact moment...) or any heartburn or, I'm sure, many other lovelies that sometimes accompany pregnancy.  I mean, I know there are other uncomfortable symptoms that accompany post-pregnancy, but I guess I'm just ready for a change of ailments!  Plus, at least then I will be that much closer to feeling "normal" again, right?

Now, about wanting to meet the babe.  This is also a big one.  I am not an incredibly patient person and I can get a bit obsessive.  So, usually, when there is something looming on the horizon that I am excited about, it's hard for me to wait for it.  I am excited to meet my kid and 9 months is a looooong time to wait!  Up until a few days ago I still had quite a lot to get done before the baby came, but I have actually now finished my essentials list!  I mean, I will ALWAYS find more to do, but I'm at the point now where if she came tomorrow I'd feel perfectly ready.  This sounds like a good thing, and is in a lot of obvious ways, but it also makes me feel more impatient.  On the other hand, I am excited to get to spend my time working on more enjoyable projects than the ones I felt I HAD to do before.

Also, now that we pretty much have all our baby gear, I just want to use it!  It's just sitting there....waiting!  Tom and I honestly stuck the car seat into the stroller, covered it (like there was a sleeping baby in it) and took it to the grocery store one time, just because it felt good to actually use it!  I'll stop there on the embarrassing stories, but you get the picture.  The good news is that I officially have LESS than a month until my due date.  I may or may not have less than a month until I give birth, but at least I have less than a month until the due date!  Just in case you've forgotten, my due date is Sept 16th.

Now it's that time when I show you some pictures.  First, is the baby...closet.  Yeah, we don't have a nursery.  Just a closet.  But, here it is!

This nice, roomy closet is in our living room.  The dresser is built in and there were already hooks on both walls and there was already a clothing rod, so it just seemed like a perfect place to put all the baby stuff.

Newborn + 0-3 M clothes - We're pretty set, aside from winter gear.

The top of the dresser has our changing table and related items.  Plus, I may or may not sometimes put together outfits and lay them on top...

Some of our socks and bows + my diaper bag.

Our old organizer bins fit perfectly in these built in shelves to hold diapers, toys, etc.

Top drawer of the dresser has medical/hygiene stuff, burp clothes, bibs, bottoms and hats.


Carriers, play mat, monitor, my belly, etc.

3-6 M, 6-9 M and 9 - 12 M clothes.
Finally, pics of the bump:

29 weeks
31 weeks
33 weeks
35 weeks
That's about all for now!  All that's left is to actually have a baby!