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Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, in case ya'll haven't noticed, I haven't exactly been blogging a photo a day on this blog for a while now, so I decided to just change it to a photo blog. The end. My first post, then, as a regular photo blog will be just a bunch of highlights from the time that I last posted until now.

First we have some picture I took at Thanksgiving Point when I was in Utah for a family reunion:



3: This one was taken when my daddy and I went to the Hogle Zoo together.

4: Next, Tom and I took a mini-trip to Garden of the Gods in Illinois. If you ever find yourself in that area, you should definitely go! It was soooo gorgeous. This also begins one of many "Tom looking dramatically into the distance" photos. Kind of weird that I ended up with so many of those, but I promise they're not all staged. It's possible that none of them are.


6: Now we begin a series of photos I took around D.C. (where I'm now living). These were all taken last week when Tom came to visit. This one was taken from inside the Lincoln Memorial, facing the Washington Monument.

7: Tom at the Supreme Court Building.

8: Looking out at the Capitol from the Supreme Court Building. Tom is really good about really focusing on and taking in the places he is at, especially if they are of any significance, like these one, so the feel these are supposed to evoke is authentic.


10: Look out at Washington Monument from direction of Lincoln Mem. again.

11: Couldn't figure out whether color or black and white was better.

12: Tom communing with Lincoln.


14: Lincoln Mem. from afar.

15: Washington Mon. from afar.

That's all! Hope you've enjoyed! Don't forget to give feedback!


  1. I always love your pictures and seeing what you're doing. I especially like the zebra. The first two pics are very pretty, colorful and well composed. I like 4 & 5 about the same, good but not great. I liked 10, 12, 14,15.
    Glad you two had fun.

  2. You take Amazing photos Sheri!! I love love love the Zebra one especially!

  3. Thanks Sabrina! I actually really enjoy reading your blog too! And thanks mom! Always very good comments!

  4. I am SO JEALOUS! Not only of your mad photography skillz, but that you are living in DC now??? Since when?? I demand an update on your life ASAP missy!!!

  5. Hi Sheri! These pics are beautiful, but let's see one of that boy's face :) Good to see you're doing well!