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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Babies, balconies and lovely food.

Ok, so, to begin this blog post, I have some pictures of one of the kids who I nanny. His mom was in need of a photo for his birth announcement and her camera wasn't treating her very well, so I took over. The first few I just thought were funny and the last couple are just nice. He is so expressive!



3: Love it.

4: Pretty cute face for me to be looking into all day, no?

5: This is the one that she actually ended up using. She used sepia tone, but I only had the option for black and white on my computer.

Now I have some more photos food! I realize some of you may be thinking it's weird or gross that I keep posting pictures of my food on here, but, what can I say? I just get so excited about it? Who knew having the perfect meal/snack could bring so much joy to life?

6: Clockwise for the top: corn; jasmine rice with tikka masala curry, beef, artichokes, carrots and onions; rice pudding for dessert.

7: Every night before I go to bed I read my scriptures while eating a bedtime snack. I was pretty excited about this one for some reason. Tagalongs and milk. So simple.

8: I was out on my balcony, enjoying the great weather, one day and decided I needed a refreshing snack. So, I took one of those peach jello fruit cups that they sell in packs of 6, stuck it in a bowl and put cool whip and strawberries on top. Best refreshing snack ever.

9: balcony! I LOVE my balcony, and now that it is warm I spend many of my "at home" hours on it. The blue pot is full of bulbs that I got from Merrifield Garden Center, chilled in my fridge for about 14 weeks and then stuck outside. They're doing so great!


11: Hyacinth.

12: Crocus bulbs in bloom.

13: Strawberries! (sorry about the feet)

14: More crocus bulbs.

15: More.


17: And back inside. These have already been on my blog. Banana plant in background.

18: In background you can see "B Sanders" the bromeliad.

19: Last, but not least, one of my favorites - "Harvey Unga" the bromeliad.

Life is great!


  1. Wow, Sheri you are so talented! And you can cook for me anytime ;-)

  2. I'm so glad you are not as wimpy as mom and dad when it comes to food! I can't get them to eat anything spicy! We will have some cooking and eating adventures next time we see each other! I didn't know you were watching a baby! So cute!! You guys should come up and visit us. You can help me plant a garden or something and we could eat yummy Amish food. PLEASE COME!!!! Only a few states away.........
    We will be in Nashville in June,though. We should totally meet up again like last year!

  3. I'm glad YOU'RE not as wimpy either! I've tried with them too! I already talked to Tom about visiting. I'd love to! The only problem is that I can't afford to miss work. Meet in the middle? Evansville? Any weekend. You pick. And I'm all up for Nashville!

  4. I need you to take pics of felicity for her birth announcement. :) Pretty flowers btw!