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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anping Bike Trip

This post will possibly be really boring to anyone who isn't me.  But, part of my purpose in keeping this blog is simply to have a remembrance, for me, of my life - like a journal.  So, read at your own risk!

Tom only works from 6:50 - 8:40 on Wednesday and I only work from 4:50 - 6:40.  So, one random Wednesday in December, when I was feeling really anxious and pent up, we decided to try to go on a little bike ride.  I'd heard that you can rent bike in various places down town, so we scootered (scooted?) to the Anping district to check in out.  Sure enough we were able to rent bikes and we took them on the trail pictured below:

The first part was all marshland - it was refreshing to see something other than the city.

Even though we still had city on the other side of us.

The area is a bird preserve.

The trail wasn't all that long, so after a few minutes it ended, at the beach.  We'd been to this spot before. If we went to our left, we knew we'd just be going along the beach, but wouldn't be able to see it real well through the foliage.  To our right was a bridge we'd never been over.  On the map, however, it seemed like there were more reserves over there, so we decided to go over the bridge.  It...was...hard.  Because it was right next to the ocean, the bridge was REALLY windy.  Biking up it I felt like I was almost being blown backward as much as I was riding forward.  We made it over, but it didn't look too promising, so....we got to bike right back over the bridge!  

After that we decided to go ahead and bike the other way too (to the left) to see what was there if we kept going just a little ways.  After not too long the path ended at a dock.  There were lots of fishermen and boats.  See below:

We stopped at the dock and took some photos, then just headed back the way we came and dropped the bikes back off.

Right across the street from where we rented the bikes there was this old fort/fortress thing.  We didn't have time to see it that day, but we plan on it in the future.  Maybe this week!

Next up : another expedition.

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