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Friday, May 13, 2011

I Need a Pet

For a while now I've been daydreaming about getting a pet.  It didn't make sense to get one while we were in Taiwan because it would be difficult or impossible to take it back to the US, but now that our return to the US is a bit more impending, my drive for a pet has reached a fever pitch.  The process of finding a suitable prospective pet has been a bit difficult because Tom is VERY picky.  He doesn't like rodents or fish, which take out a lot of options.  He also doesn't like.....most everything else.  Luckily, I like almost everything!  Let me take you through the options I/we have considered getting when we get to Philly.

#1 : A Dog

This is pretty much the only one that Tom wants too.  Unfortunately, we both agree that it would be a bad idea right now.  We'll likely have a tiiiiiny apartment in Philly and be gone all day and most dogs don't really like that.  We both agree though, that when we can get a dog it'll probably be a Bulldog!

#2 : A Miniature Pig!

Some of you may find this a bit strange, but hey, why not?  They are actually odorless and very clean despite their reputation.  They'll eat anything and are VERY intelligent.  They make great pets!  I got the idea because "Jersey Girls" was on TV the other day and although I am not a big fan of the movie, I found the pet pig to be quite endearing.

#3 : A Skunk!

I know what you're thinking - don't they stink?  No worries, whatever it is that emits the smell is removed by the breeder.  I can't remember everything I read about why they do and don't make good pets, but I know it reminded me of my sister's Ferrets.  Anyway, they're pretty cute.  Tom says, "no way."

#4 : A Hedgehog!

Yes - I think they're a great idea for a pet!  Isn't this little guy adorable?  They are totally doable as a pet. The only thing I don't like about them is that they aren't as social.  Like, they don't really form a bond with you.

# 5 : A Sugar Glider

This one was a VERY compelling option and one which I would love to have some time in the future.  They are very sociable and loyal and love to be around people (once they get used to you).  They are marsupials, like koalas and kangaroos, so when you first get them you put them in this "bonding pouch" and carry them around with you all day.  They are great with kids and other pets and you can stick them in your pocket or purse and take them anywhere.  They also won't run away if you put them down because they like to stick with their owner.  They just sound so sweet.

As much as I liked all of the above options however, none of them would work for us at this time.  I still wanted a pet though, so tentatively we have decided on getting

Hermit Crabs!!!

I'm not sure how most people feel about hermit crabs.  I think they're cute and endearing.  They aren't as cool as some of the other options, but they're pretty compatible to our Philly situation.  They don't need a big apartment, they don't need you to be home all day and they don't cost a hue amount of money.  I feel pretty good about it.  

One fun thing about hermit crabs is that they change into different shells periodically and you get to pick them out of course.  I mean, you provide them with several that you think they would like and then they get to pick out of those.  A lot of hermit crabs that you see at the pet store have painted shells.  Painted shells are cute and all, but I've hear from lots of sources that they aren't good for the crabs for various reasons, so I'm going natural.  Here are some shells that I like:

Hermit crabs also like to be active and move around and climb things, so I'm having fun coming up with ideas to occupy them.  For instance, you can stick them in a hamster ball and let them run around the apartment.

Similarly, I am excited to set up a killer "crabitat" for them.  I'm going to try to get an aquarium second hand for cheap and I'm going to try to make a lot of things myself.  One thing I'd really like to do is give it different levels.  Here is an example of one that I think is pretty cool.

So, what do you think about these pets and what kinds of pets would you like to get?


  1. I love you :-). I totally laughed when I saw hermit crabs. The only experience I have had with them is when my cousins had them when we were all kids. They are totally easy and don't take up space. I didn't know they liked to do things like the hamster ball! That would be funny to watch!

  2. I have some shells you can use if they fit. Arron had one years ago.