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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One More Day til Revolution

Today is my last day of "finals."  After writing 45 pages worth of essay in one week (and plenty more in the weeks before that) I finally finished my last paper of the semester this morning at 3am.  All I have left to do is study for and then take my Statistics final, which will take place this evening from 7-9pm.  I feel like I am already finished!  It's a testament to how much I hate writing essays that a day full of stats studying feels like absolute freedom to me!  I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and it has never left.  To make things that much better, I found $20 yesterday, we got a huge Christmas present package from family with lots of nicely wrapped presents to put under the tree, my "Artisan Bread of 5 Minutes a Day" book came from inter-library loan, I finally realized than I get three weeks of Christmas break instead of the three I had assumed and gosh darn it angels are dancing.

During the break I look forward to cooking, baking, cleaning, exploring the city, photographing beautiful Philadelphia churches, spending time with friends, spending time with Tom, spending time with Kitty, sleeping, doing nothing, working out with Tom, drinking hot chocolate, thinking about the meaning of Christmas, getting caught up on my Young Women's responsibilities, taking my time, oh, and updating my blog!  The only things that could make this break better are being able to see family (anyone feel like coming to see me???) and Tom getting a job for Christmas.

I love you all.


My favorite church in Philadelphia (building that is).  I'm sure it was even cooler before lighting struck the tower and destroyed it.  I shall photograph it myself soon.


  1. I do love all of the amazing architecture in the East. Some great things to photograph, and it sounds like you'll have some time to do it. Wish we could come visit - maybe sometime next year. How far away are you from Massachusetts? (I'm too lazy to look at a map...) Katie and family are also "orphans" this Christmas. Emily and Kevin too I guess. Everyone is coming to my little cottage for Christmas Eve - yikes! I'm trying not to freak out. Have a wonderful Christmas with whatshisname (I will never EVER stop being embarrassed by that). May Tom have mercy on me.

  2. I sure wish you guys could come here. Hope your Christmas is excellent!