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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yesterday was a very tiring day.  Let me tell you about it.

We woke up, had a small breakfast and went to go help our neighbors move.  So jealous of their new place which is only a couple of blocks away!

Came home and made some very frustrating phone calls to organize the removal of some things that someone else we helped move in the past failed to remove from the storage unit which is on the Church's dollar, so that the church would not get charged an extra month.  Fit as much stuff in our car as possible and took it to the recipient's house.  They weren't home like they said they would be so we started leaving it at their doorstep, hoping for the best.  Half way through unpacking we had to move the car far away to make way for a tram car coming through.  Went back to the storage unit and carried everything else to the corner.

Went back home and barely had time to eat a bit before going to yoga class with Tom.  Yoga class was great but sure kicked our trash.

Went back home and barely had time to eat before rushing out to pick up Tom's friends from the airport.  They had left their car on our street during their trip and it failed to start.  Ran over to the (almost moved) neighbors to get some help on jump starting the car.  It was a headache, but Mom saved the day (over the phone) and we eventually got it started.

Drove both cars to go pick them up so they could drive home right from the airport.  On the way there got a phone call from someone who felt it was their right to chew me out for somehow not getting the one of the items that couldn't fit in our car over to the recipients house, even though it wasn't our responsibility in the first place and there was absolutely no way to get it there and the recipient already knew and was ok with it.  On the way back home we realized Tom left his phone in their car.  That = no move calls about moves for the next couple of days while we wait for his phone to come in through the mail!

Picked up a $5 Little Caesar's pizza on the way home, watched "Midnight in Paris" over youtube while we ate and fell asleep half way through before it was even 10pm.

The End

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