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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cat #2

Alright, so I've been quite unmotivated to blog recently, but there's nothing like needed to have photos already on the web so that they can be transfered to a craigslist ad to get me to write a blog post!  In case you didn't infer from the title of this post, I managed to convince Tom to let us foster another cat!  This time, however, it wasn't quite as good of an experience.  For one, the cat is older (5-10 years) and therefore nowhere near as cute or endearing.  Plus, since he came off the streets he was (and still kind of is) dirty and smelly!  Yeah, he had gunk all over him when we first brought him home and was sick as well.  But, we've (mostly) nursed him back to health and we got him neutered, so he's now available for adoption.  The biggest issue was (is) that because he's a boy and hadn't been neutered, he emitted (emits) what is called the "tomcat smell."  I guess it's from hormones (testosterone?) and it's supposed to subside 7 - 9 days after neutering.  We're at day 7, so lets hope it starts to go away!!!  It's pretty much driving Tom nuts.  I don't think we'll be fostering another cat (at least not another adult one...).  Anyway, here are the pics I'll be using for his Craigslist ad!  Oh, and just so you know, I still like the guy.  All he does is eat and sleep.  That's my kind of guy!

Based on photos alone, would you adopt him?  Tell me what ya think.


  1. Your photos look great. I don't know if you want my opinion on actually adopting because I don't like cats. But, having said that, this one looks pretty good for being an adult. Good luck!

  2. Photos alone? Yes...if I wasn't allergic :)