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Monday, May 21, 2012

GSE Graduation!

So I was horrible at blogging in Philly. Probably because I was REALLY busy. Definitely not because there was nothing going on or because Philly wasn't blog worthy. Philly may have been more interesting than anywhere else I've lived and I loved it! But, unfortunately, there was no time. So, the plan is that I'm going to start with graduation, get up to date (that was only like 10 days ago). Then, IF I have time I want to do some retro posts on Philly. By the way, I live in Hamburg, Germany now! Woot! So, without further ado.... I graduated! I have a Master's degree! Well, actually, I'm still a student until August and I had a paper due after I walked in graduation, but I'm done with classes and all I really have left is my internship. YAY!! No more homework ever!!!! So, a couple days before graduation, my parents came to town. Some really great people in our ward were very generous and let them stay at their apartment while they were here. That was so lucky, because it would have been very very crowded in our studio otherwise! It really did make the week because I think my parents were a lot more comfortable there. Some day, I want to be a really welcoming host to poor travelers. It's something I've been grateful for many times in my life and I want to return the favor. It can be so important and it just makes you feel good when someone is a great host. Aaaaanyway... So, it was great fun having my parents here, having good conversations with them, showing them what Philly is all about and just relaxing for a few days (even though I still had tons to do!). Some highlights were going to the Edgar Allan Poe museum (I love him!) and going to the zoo. Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things ever and my dad, in particular, really loves it too. We are kindred spirits on that. I just find animals fascinating and can stare at almost any animal for a looong time. My favorites though and the big cats, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, monkeys and especially the gorillas. Gorillas are my faves. Even if they're just sitting there doing nothing I just think they are soooo cool. We got some good looks at them this time and some especially good looks of the tigers and also the lions. Surprisingly the otters were great fun to watch because there were 5 or so of them that just kept chasing each other and roughhousing all over, non stop. So great. But anyway, then I graduated!!! Here are some pics:
This is me hugging my advisor, Ameena.
And this is one of my cohort members. Doesn't she look soooo happy to see Ameena looking for a hug at the other side of the stage?? Such an endearing picture. If you're reading this KZL, you rock!
Aw, this is me with my friend Kelly. We had a bazillion classes together and by the end just ended up sitting next to each other all the time. She's great. I like her. Yay Kelly!!
Aren't we cute?
This is my cohort. Looking at them all gets me just a bit choked up! They really made this year great. Best thing about the program by far. These are some mighty might fine people who I am proud to know. I like every single one of them. They are going to do great things. PERSONALITY! GO IEDP!!!

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