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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hamburg = Cold

So, I haven't really be feeling the blog this week.  Why not?  Well, because we haven't really done much this week.  Why not?  Well, because it has been freezing and windy and sometimes rainy!  That's right.  At this very moment the temperature in Hamburg is 52 degrees and the day's high was 54 degrees.  It has been at least that cold all week.  Boo.  I love love love my summers, so this is very sad to me.  Also, while I've VERY grateful to be living in someone's basement for free, the unfortunate part is that it is often colder in our home than it is outside and we have only a rather thin blanket.  As a result, our activities have been more taking warm baths and using the sauna than exploring the city.  However, we have managed to do just a few things outside, so this post will just be for those photos.  

These first ones were taken on our last day of warm weather - last Monday, which was also a holiday here (pentecost).  We went to a church and then to a nice big park.  The park had a big lake where people were canoeing and swimming.  There was also a very large field where, as far as the eye could see, people were barbecuing.  We just lay on the grass and I read while Tom napped.

Here's the church.  It wasn't the best ever, but was still nice: 

Michael the Archangel stomping on Lucifer

Hopefully we will have the chance to go to an organ concert there later!

This lady is sometimes at the main train station.  Not sure what exactly she is selling - newspapers??

HUGE kebabs.  No kebabs are ever as good as the ones from the little stand by our apartment in Iasi, Romania.

These last ones were taken yesterday.  We went into town because Tom needed a new ipad chord from the Mac store.  Then, we decided to just wander around a little bit as well.  

Someone feeding the birds at one little section of the lake.

The Rathouse (city hall).  I know, an actual picture of ME on my blog!

The geese moving to their next food target.

Well, hope you enjoyed the pictures and hope that next week is more interesting!!!
One last thing, and by far the most interesting that happened this weekend is that I got a new niece!  Aurora June Packard was born yesterday, at home, in a birthing tub, to my sister Emily and her husband Kevin.  She's darling!

The whole fam!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for nicer weather in's definitely not fun to miss out on summer weather...which is exactly what happened to us last summer! Looking forward to more pictures, glad to hear all is well :)

  2. Let's hope the weather gets nicer and/or you get a warmer blanket or a down duvet or something. Beautiful pictures of the old church - I love going into those - they really knew how to build them back in the day! Such detail and beautiful little things going on everywhere.
    I was talking to my mom today and she told me a little bit about what you and Tom would ultimately like to do. When you're back in the country I'll have to put you in touch with some friends of mine in Las Vegas. They have personally owned, opened and operated 2 or 3 schools here in the US and are actively pursuing building and providing education to kids in Africa (can't think what country) where they've served one mission and are going to serve another next year. Currently they're in the process of opening an equestrian center in Las Vegas that will service handicapped children and adults and aid in their therapy. They'll also provide lessons for un-handicapped beginners - I imagine that will help pay the bills. Anyway, you might find them interesting to talk to - they're amazing people, and they do such great work.