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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Bunny Park

This post is really just so that I don't forget this park.  I probably will if it's not on my blog.  The first time we came here, Tom and I were trying to walk from our house to the river.  We had just moved to our new place.  The park was supposed to just be a means to getting to the river, but we ended up loving it so much more than the river.  It was beautiful!  We walked through it and to the edge of it and could just look down a big drop to the riverfront path.  They have big stairways that go down to it from the park.  The river is nice, but there are big commercial ships out on it and factories on the opposite bank.  The first time we went we saw a big ship pass by that said Monrovia on the back.  It was amazingly ironic, both because of our Liberian friends in Philly and because Tom had just been telling me about a case he was working on at the firm involving a German company that was buying a ship from Liberia.  What are the chances?  After the river, we walked up through the little cobblestone alleyways that connect the mansions on the hill and made our way back to the park.  We found a bench (the one below) and read our books.  While we read, several bunnies hopped out of the bushes and ate the grass in front of us.  They were so close and so cute!  We came back at least one other time, which is when I took the photos.  This time we watched the animals at the little nature preserve inside the park.  It started to rain, so we left.  It was a lovely park.

Goodbye Bunny Park!

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