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Sunday, April 14, 2013

BABY! 18 Weeks

Alright, so it makes me a little sad that I haven't updated in so long.  Mostly I'm sad that it's probably too late to update about a lot of things that have happened in the past few months and I really want to have a record of those things!  But, I've finally forced myself to make an update because I figure I should probably keep a record of being PREGNANT.

At this point I am 18 weeks along.  This was a very planned pregnancy, so I have known since I was 3.5 weeks along or so and let me tell you, the weeks have gone by sooooo slowly.  I think the first trimester went by especially slowly because it was new and because I was worried I'd have a miscarriage.  Also, not being able to talk about it with many people made it go slowly as well.  Now that it's public knowledge and the risk of miscarriage has dropped significantly, time does seem to be going faster.

During the first trimester I feel like I was pretty lucky, healthwise.  Most days I had some mild nausea, but it was so mild that it didn't often stop me from doing whatever I was doing and I never threw up.  I had no energy, but honestly, I don't ever have energy anyway!  This trimester, which is supposed to be the best, has been a little worse.  The main culprits are that I get headaches nearly every day (though they aren't that bad) and my back starts to hurt if I sit or stand for any considerable length of time.  But, I still feel like I'm doing pretty well, in comparison to other pregnant women, so no complaints.

I still haven't figured out where I will be giving birth.  All along, my first choice has been to go to a birthing center.  But, my insurance does not cover any birthing centers and my insurance is toooo cheap to justify paying out-of-pocket.  So, I made an initial visit with a midwife at the U of U hospital in Daybreak, because it's close-ish to my house, not even intending to stay with her throughout.  I especially didn't want to stay with her because she would not even be the one to deliver me.  It would be some random OB who I'd never met.  No, thank you.  Then, I talked to my sister, who suggested requesting that my insurance make an exception and bill the birthing center as an in-network provider because they don't offer any birthing centers as in-network providers, and thus there is a gap in their service.  So, I called a little while ago and made that request and it is still pending.  Actually, when I called and said, "I'd like to do my prenatal care, labor and postnatal care at this facility.  My due date is Sept. 16th" they somehow heard, "I gave birth at this facility on March 21st (the day I called) and would like to be reimbursed."  So, after calling and being told I didn't give birth there, they cancelled the request, didn't tell me, and I eventually called and made them open it back up.  Actually, since writing that last part they have done a bunch of other stupid stuff, but basically, it's still pending.  Joy.  Anyway, since I still need to be going to the doctor while I wait, I made an appointment with a midwife who seems natural birth friendly (whole post on this later, I'm sure) and who is close to the apartment we will shortly be moving to.

I have been lucky enough, in the pregnancy, to have had 3 ultrasounds already, with 2 more scheduled in the future.  Most women only have 1 or 2, so I feel great about having so many.  Some people say ultrasounds have a slight risk to them, but it's hard for me not to wish I could have one every single day anyway.  The reason I will have had so many ultrasounds is because I am participating in a study.  At the last one, just a few days ago, I found out for sure that we are having a girl!  Tom has said from the beginning that his "chi" had spoken and that we were having a girl.  But, I knew he wanted a girl, so I thought his chi might be biased.  It was right though!  I'm kind of relieved, because even though I started off wanting a boy, since I have always identified with little boys more (I am a tomboy), I have been picturing it as a girl all along, because of Tom!

I've even started to feel the little girl kick lately!  I have started to pay attention to what is going on down there quite a lot, because I really wanted to feel her.  Then, last week, in the middle of the night Wednsay/Thursday when I couldn't sleep and was just lying there, I felt her!  I've wondered if I was feeling her before, but this time I was sure.  It felt like someone was lightly flicking me from the inside, it was irregular and in my lower abdomen.  It didn't feel like anything else that ever goes on inside my tummy.  Then, I felt them again on Friday (I think during a nap).  Theeeeeen, on Saturday, Tom had his ear to my stomach and he felt them!  It was pretty exciting.  I just want to feel it more, but most of the time I think I feel something, then I put my hand down there and it's gone or it's something else.

Finally, before I bring this post to a close, I wanted to devote a little space to my little pregnant belly.  Unlike, most women, I am actually super excited to have a pregnant belly and just want it to get bigger.  Sure, this attitude may change once the belly gets larger, but for now I really want one.  I've been taking weekly (mostly) pictures since I was 7 weeks along and have posted some of them below.  I would post all of them, but the rest are still on my camera and I am waiting for my new camera cord to come in the mail, since I lost the old one.  Anyway, the belly is still pretty small, but if you know me, then you can tell.  It's also ALWAYS bigger at night and after I eat a big meal.  Enjoy!

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  1. Yay for Tom's chi! Jon and I were laughing about that. I love the pictures and am excited to see the most recent ones :)

  2. Look at your belly!!! And that's 8 weeks ago?! What?! Didn't I see you sometime around then? I didn't notice a belly! It's so cute!!

  3. Aw, look at you!!!! So excited for another girl. She and Rori will naturally be bff's someday. Josie will be excited for another girl cousin, too! Loving the updates : )

  4. Look at that little belly - so cute! I'm excited you're having a girl, but would have been just as excited for a boy. I used to get headaches a lot too! I wonder what that means? Try rubbing peppermint essential oil on the back of your neck (or wherever its pounding). Won't hurt baby, and you may feel better.

  5. So exciting! And I know what you mean about ultrasounds; it's so fun to actually be able to see your baby. And side note: if your insurance does come through and let you birth at the birthing center, I just read this good list called "Considering an Out-of-Hospital Birth? Questions to Ask your Midwife." It's got some good stuff in there, and when I saw it I thought you might be interested.

  6. Awwww, Sheri!!! Look at you with that cute little preggo tummy! Congratulations to you and Tom! Hope all goes smoothly and we look forward to seeing more photos soon. Any names picked out for the little girl yet?

  7. Congrats!!!!! I'm totally with you about wanting to look pregnant when pregnant. I'm not sure if that's because I believe there is is some reverenced beauty reserved for a woman as she fulfills one of her highest purposes or if it's just an excuse to wear new clothes----either way I'm a fan