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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Family Photos (from January 2014)

I was going to post this after the "Birthday" post, but I can't get my videos for that post to upload, so I'm doing it now instead.

So, way back in January (2014) we took a trip to visit my family in California.  While we were there, we got family pictures done.  It took a loooong time to get them back, but we finally did and they're really fun to look at.  I remember that on that day, the timing for the family pictures work out so that Harper was just slated to go down for a nap right when we were suppose to start.  I was so worried that she would just be screaming the whole time, but somehow she was SO happy instead.  She stayed up more than twice as long as usual and was just giddy the whole time.  It was great.  Anyway, sadly, not everyone was able to be there (my sisters' husbands, Johnny & Kevin), but we got some good pictures of those that were there.  

First, some pictures of random small groups of people:

The grandkids, minus Cash.


Cash & Donny - they're something like a day apart


Cash, Mom, Donny, Arron

Arron & Ashley - Man, they're so photogenic!

Mom & her mom

Grandma, Mom & Grandma's husband, Lee

Grandma & Lee

Mom & Dad

Arron & Harper's first meeting

Sarah & Cash

Dad & Harp - see what I mean by her being giddy?  So cute.

The hands of Harp, Me, Mom & Grandma

The siblings - Me, Emily, Sarah, Arron

The Women

The grandparents & the Grandkids

The Grands - Grandparents, Great-Grandparents & Grandkids

Immediate family

The whole family (that could be there)

The rest are just of our little family, starting with just Harp:

Harp & Daddy:

Harp & Mommy (I LOVE these):

All 3 of us:

Her face - hahahaha

The End!