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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby #2!

Alright, so I decided that baby #2 should have his own post.  I keep forgetting to even MENTION that I'm pregnant on the blog, so this is my way of making good.

First off, I am currently 20 weeks pregnant (my "day" is Saturday).  Half way!  Woot!  Even though I'm half-way there I still don't really "feel" pregnant.  I had some mild nausea in the first trimester.  Basically enough so that I felt blah and didn't feel like being up and around much, but not enough to actually throw up or be totally miserable.  Other than that I've had virtually no symptoms!  Not even a belly.  I am truly sorry to all the poor pregnant women out there who have normal pregnancies and therefore plenty of miserable symptoms, but this has not been one of those pregnancies!  I had WAY more symptoms with Harp.  Things could definitely change though, who knows?  Until then, I'm just feeling grateful and trying to convince myself that I really am pregnant.


For both pregnancies, I had no feeling whatsoever about what gender the baby was, but Tom was 100% for the very beginning.  With Harp, the very first thing he said to me after I told him I was pregnant was, "It's a girl."  And, of course, he was right.  This time he said it would be a boy.  Because of that, I had a hard time thinking of it as anything else.  So, before we found out I remember thinking that if it was a girl I wouldn't be disappointed, but it would be strange and I would have to wrap my brain around it.  Well, we had our gender scan on Christmas Eve.  Since Tom couldn't be there we decided to not have the tech tell me either, but to just write it down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope.  Then, when we got together with Tom's family the next day we gave his sister, Stacey, the envelope, a newborn outfit for each gender and some wrapping materials.  She looked at the gender and wrapped up the appropriate outfit like a Christmas present and we opened it with Tom's family (in person) and my parents on skype.  I thought it was a pretty fun way to do it.

Here's the video of us opening the present.  It's a bit long, so feel free to skip to the good stuff:

And, if you're too lazy to watch the video, and you don't already know, here's the result! :


For Harp, we had her name for, like, 4 years before she was born and it was a no brainer.  We were a bit annoyed that it started getting popular, but it was just her name.  We had a name like that for a boy too, but Tom started having second thoughts, so I started having second thoughts.  Now Tom is back on it and I'm still not sure.  So, we've tried to come up with another name and it hasn't been wholly successful.  So far we have a bunch of names that we kind of like, but aren't 100% sold on.  He might end up being one of those kids that still doesn't have a name when he leaves the hospital.


With Harp, I felt movement pretty early, for a first time pregnancy - around 17 weeks.  Tom even felt it a few days later.  With this one I felt it even earlier.  I started wondering if I was feeling it REALLY early on - like, 13 weeks.  I'm not even sure if that's possible, and I wasn't sure if I was feeling it or not.  But, sometimes it sure felt like it.  I started feeling it for sure during week 15 and Tom a few days later.  For me, it's hard to say for sure at the beginning unless I can feel it on my hand when I put my hand on my tummy.  I did during week 15 and have felt it very frequently since.  He seems very active!  Pretty much any time I lay down I can feel him (he's kicking right now since I'm leaning back on the bed) and often at other times too (though it's harder to notice at other times.  You can see it if you look at my tummy and pay attention too.

Thoughts about having a second baby

When we were first thinking of getting pregnant again, I wasn't entirely excited, but for some reason I felt like it was the right time.  As we started trying, though, I started getting more excited.  There have been lots of moments of nervousness when I've thought about sleep deprivation and trying to juggle two kids and all that.  But, overall, I've steadily gotten more excited.  And just recently I've started getting REALLY excited.  I'm finally starting to get to that point where I'm just ready for him to come and I want him NOW.  It was actually kind of nice before, because I felt the time passed really quickly.  Since I wasn't as excited I wasn't thinking about it as much and before I knew it a week would pass, then another and so on.  I have a feeling that now that I'm excited the weeks will drag like they did last time.  At any rate, I'm so excited!!!  Little sweet, roly-poly, baby boy!!!

What I am imagining him to be like

So, Tom thinks this little boy is going to be super rebellious and crazy.  I feel like he's going to be a super sweet, cuddly, momma's boy, but a horrible sleeper.  In a lot of way I expect him to be the opposite of Harp since I feel like you're not going to get two in a row that are the same - hence me thinking he'll be cuddly and a horrible sleeper.  I also picture him with dark hair, but we both picture Harp with dark hair and that's didn't happen, so who knows?  I hope he looks like his daddy.


I have been HORRIBLE about taking photos this time.  As in, the one below is the first one I've taken, and it was taken today (20 wks + 1 day).  But, now that I've started, I'm going to try to take one once every week or two and I'm going to try to wear the same shirt.  I picked the shirt because after looking at my pics from last pregnancy I noticed that a lot of the shirts don't show the belly very well.  I wanted one where you could actually tell how big the belly was, for comparison's sake.  This one does that well.  So, without further ado:

20 Weeks with Harper (in Mexico):

20 Weeks this time, with baby boy:

I'm pretty sure I showed more quickly last time even though you're supposed to show more quickly after your first pregnancy.  Basically, barely a belly so far.

And here is an ultrasound pic:

I know I'm biased, but I think he looks cute already. But what is your name honey??


  1. oh wow, congratulations! If you guys decide on a name, are you going to share the name with others before he makes his entrance into this world? Or just keep everyone on their toes about it?

    1. I think it depends on HOW set we are. Like, with Harp we were so set we didn't care what anyone said (not that anyone said anything bad anyway). So, if we get to a point where we're sure again we probably won't mind telling.

  2. May I help you choose a name. I'm glad it's a boy. You deserve at least one.

  3. I need to get going on my blog again. Every time I see yours I get motivated! I love how you document your life, it's super cute and a great alternative to a journal, which I obviously fail at as well. :) Congrats on baby boy!! So excited for you guys!