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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

February 2016

I'm trying really hard to find ways to take less time to do these blog posts.  My plan this month was to voice record my commentary instead of typing it, but when I went to do it, none of the websites I tried to use would work.  I don't have time to keep trying it this month and I still want to spend less time on the blog, so I will try to make my commentary brief.


We've been mulling over a big decision all month, which has made me both excited and impatient.  Still don't know the resolution, but should know it by the end of March, so I'll write about it in the next post.

Had a good Valentine's Day.  Didn't do much or really spend money, but one fun thing was that Harper was into it this year.  Tom cut out little hearts and made a heart trail from her room to our apartment door (would make sense if you knew our arrangement) and put a Happy V-Day sign on the door with a bag of gummies.  She love love loved it.


He pretty much had a grumpy month.  The beginning of the month, at the tail end of our California trip, he got pretty sick.  He was super pathetic and not eating much.  That took him a while to get over and then was followed by some intense teething.  As of now (mid-March) he has 2 full teeth on the bottom and 3 growing in up top...all at once.  Poor kid.  He still struggles with eating real food, but has had bouts of interest, which give me hope.  Then he goes back to distaining all of it.  Has been nursing a TON this month.  Driving me nuts.  I want freedom!  Has started being cranky anytime I'm around.  He'll be happy with Tom, but if I pop my head in it's immediate tears.  Is getting a bit better with his movement though.  Is now great at weight-bearing and likes (as much as he likes anything right now) to be on his tummy.  Will push his chest all the way up on his tummy, but not his but.  He'll move his bum around and try to move to get things though.  I hope crawling will happen soon!


She said and did about a bazillion hilarious, funny, smart things but I can't remember any of them :( .  This is why I just take a bazillion photos and videos.  It's the only way I remember anything!  Although, have I ever mentioned that she's terrified of the lion in our "Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" popup book?  You know the one who is symbolic for Jesus?  Haha, awesome first thing to be scared of.  She routinely thinks he's going to get her in her room at night.  All I got for today.  Too bad!


Took him to urgent care.  Had to try 3 or 4 places and drive all over to find an open one, then we walked in the doors and he was magically all better and smiley for the first time in days.  Bah!

Harp and I went on a Mommy-daughter date to Thanksgiving Point and went on an "adventure."  I was so proud of her for not being scared to walk on the ropes and just being super into it all.  Sometimes she can be a bit timid.

"Mommy!  It's outer space!"  We went down it and it was huge and she loved it.

Being nice and giving E a toy.

Praying.  As usual.

Playing her "trumpet."  It's a syringe...

These next few are of her reading he favorite book to herself.  It's called, "Phoebe and Digger."  She pretty much memorized the whole thing word for word and it's pretty long!

Transcript: "Off they went.  Both Phoebe and digger loved the park.  The park had swings and a kindly man who sold frozen treats.  'Eek!' squealed the crybaby boy.  'Get away! I'm allergic to worms!'  'This is no worm,' explained Phoebe.  'This is a dangerous reptile.'  Digger rolled closer so the little boy could examine it himself.  But he squealed in terror.  Now Mama and the baby got involved.  'Be nice!' scolded mama.  'Can't you just play nicely, Phoebe?'  'COOL DIGGER!' boomed a voice.

Transcript on video 2: "A girl with giant hands slowly moved closer, closer and snatched Digger right away from Phoebe.  'MY TURN,' said the giant."

She's holding a little piece of a hanger (where you hang the straps) that she decided was a candy-cane.

She was pretending this flashlight was something but I can't remember what now.

One of the first time we saw him bounce with his legs:

Something endearing about both of them sitting next to each other in the cart.  Like, that he's big enough to be a real sibling now or something?

Asparagus - one of the first foods he really enjoyed.

I made some quiet book pages before she was born and haven't finished the book.  Here she is playing with the pages for the first time and loving them.

This is what Utah looked like all month.  Yuck.

I was keeping his little hands warm by blowing on them and he was loving it.

"Take a picture of my cottage cheese Mom!"

Went on a fun playdate to the Museum of Natural Curiosity with my cousin, Nicole, and her two kids:

I let him sit on my lap facing me and just nurse at his leisure from either side and he was the happiest, most excited baby ever.  Such a spaz sometimes.

Romania reunion at Chick-fil-A.  Never enough time to chat with such awesome people:

This picture was taken by a six (?) year old :) .

Oh yeah - another milestone for E this month was finally graduating from the rock-n-play to the crib!  We do it WAY later than most parents.  Whoops!

Went to the pool as a fam and he was just cute.  Both kids love love love the pool.

I made a felt board story of the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Harp put all the raindrops on Itsy and said he was crying.  Sad!

And she said this piece of cereal was a suitcase.

The weather was actually warm enough for a hike one weekend, so we hiked up Potato Hill!  Perfect little hike.  I was so proud of Harp.  Usually she hates hikes and is super unhappy about going up uneven/graded terrain, but she was a total champ this time!  She really liked it and was pretty tough despite the steep grade.  Perfect outing.

E is the perfect hike baby.  Loves the carrier and the outdoors.

The one unhappy moment for Harp was when she stepped on some deer poop.  She was quite disturbed, especially since she was wearing her, "kid to kid" shoes.  They are her favorite and she wears them constantly.  She thinks they're Daniel Tiger's shoes.  Anyway, she was mortified.  How did I give birth to a girly girl?

Right before I took this video they were playing SO nicely together.  Victor would give Harp a car and she would line it up.  Repeat.  So cute.

Taking coop outside!  That's the best!  Yay for warmth!
Went to Wheeler Farm.  Harp was terrified of the big animals (cows and horses...especially cows), but loved the little ones.  Her favorite ones were the bunnies.  Then we had a blast at the little park and I was super proud of Harp for being brave enough to go down the slide and climb up certain areas that were a little more challenging than her usual.

Both my kids are swing lovers:

Tom and I went on a date while the kids got babysat at my cousin Nicole's house.

Went to the "Preschool" storytime instead of the toddler one and Harp held her own!  Sure, she didn't exactly sit when they were told to and all that, but she participated in everything like a big kid!

Babysat for Nicole:

Spent LOTS of time with the playdough.
Tom is amazing and gets up with the kids then, often, makes me breakfast in bed, on Saturdays.  I will keep him.

Get that leg up there.

Cutest video ever:

Went to the Provo Temple Open House.  Ended up bring along Tom's cousin, Hannah, and was so glad we did!  I was in high heels trying to cart two kids around on a long tour up and down stairs at a steady pace and she was really helpful!  Often was carrying Harp or my bag!

The issues with raising a very very verbally oriented toddler.  She had to ask it before putting each piece back in the tub:

The next 3 photos crack me up because of E's progression.  Kid is such a ham!

I don't trust weather apps anymore.  It said it would be warm, so we headed to the park.  We walked a ways to get there and then were just FREEZING.  Poor Harp couldn't really bring herself to play with anything.  Finally gave up and headed home and Tom saved us and picked us up on his way home from work:

Another gourmet Saturday morning breakfast.

Took the bike out for our first ride of the season.  E is big enough to ride in the trailer with no carseat!  Yay!  And Harp didn't maul him!  Double yay!

Cuties.  All 3.

"Take a picture of me too mom!"

We used to stick Harp in front of the bookshelf all the time as a baby and had never done it with E.  Such a shame to be the 2nd child.

Found TIGER glasses and matching tutu at the MoNC and Harp was in heaven:

Next month?  Another trip to California, potty training, and that decision we've been mulling over.


  1. I just love your blog. Always looking forward to them and those kids are so so cute. Love you all.

  2. Haha I love how longsuffering Tom looks in the video where Harper has to ask about every piece before she puts it away. And good luck on the decision-making! (Oh, and on figuring out how to not let blogging take so long ... we do a lot of audio journals on my phone, but it doesn't convert to text, which is the part that takes so long. sigh.)