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Friday, September 9, 2016

Photos from Alyse's Visit

So, here are my favorites, of the pictures that Alyse took during the weeks that she was visiting.  Some of these are some of the best photos of my kids so far, so I love them.  I wish she was here in Paris taking photos of my kids too, because I'm doing kind of a sucky job.

Baba's backyard:

You'll see, through these photos, that Harper and Ezra were SUCH cute little friends.  We are currently planning their wedding.  Also, note how much bigger Ezra is than Harper, even though he is only 6 weeks older.

When I look at this picture I always think, "look how tiny and cute her legs are."
Jungle Jim's:

It's rare for me to get pictures with my kids, so I'm really glad Alyse got some.

Liberty Park:

Then there's Emerson and Jane.  We are also planning their wedding.  Not how they look the same size (or Jane may even look bigger) even though Emerson is 4.5 months older).  Aren't they so cute?  Jane is a total foodie (just like Harp was/is), so she was always trying to take E's food and binkies.  It was cute, funny and sad at the same time.

Hike up Provo Canyon:

Alyse and I went on a little walk in the woods with the kids and at one point the toddlers found some sticks and had a blast running all over, playing with the sticks.  It was one of those moments of pure childhood-as-it-should-be that I just love.

I just want to poke her belly, smoosh her cheeks and kiss her face at every moment of every day.

Their idea to hold hands, not ours.

Hahaha, awwwww.  Yes, I love this picture of Emerson crying about Jane grabbing his binkie while Jane contemplates taking it again.  I just love it.

Tired, sweaty babies.  The outfit jane is wearing is a hand-me-down from Harp, btw.

Ezra's birthday party:

See that trumpet she is holding?  She became obsessed with it at the party and still talks about it longingly 1.5 months later.

At 7 Canyons Fountains with Alyse and Aline and the kids:

Aline brought $ store barbies and the girls spent a loooong time washing the cement with their hair.

My heart.

His belly.

I miss Aline.

Alyse also rocks at taking nature photos.  This is my fave.

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