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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Emily: Day 65: Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm back! At least for today. I also moved to Fairfax, VA for any of you who'd like to know and didn't. I have one more blog already set and ready to go after this one and then a whole bunch of photos to finish going through. This post comes from all the way in July when I went to Nashville and met up with my sister Emily, brother-in-law Kevin and niece Josie! It was a great weekend and we had tons of fun. And isn't my niece the cutest baby you've ever seen? On this particular day, we went to a mansion and garden which I can't remember the name of (Emily?) and at night time we went down to Broadway where all the clubs are and just walked around. Hooray for a new post!

2: Jos under the glass table, looking a tad confused.

3: Gardens




7: While at the gardens we met up with one of Emily's friends and her cute little girl.

8: She was such a great model!

7: Jos tried to eat every single leaf.

8: Brownie smile.


10: I somehow manage to take photos of plants and bugs no matter where I am.


12: Nashville's life-size, and quite impressive, replica of the Parthenon and a nice family who decided to be in the photo too.

13: My pretty sister.



16: Broadway

17: My attempt at taking those photos where the subject is in focus, but the background is blurred. Only semi successful.

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