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Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 64: Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, in case you haven't noticed.  I haven't been blogging very much lately.  It's been a combination of me not taking very many good photos lately (I'm finding it difficult to find good material) and just plain not having the time to devote to photography.  I've had a LOT going on lately.  I'll keep trying my best to find photos opportunities though and will continue posting any good photos I take.  The following ones were taken when I watched the sun go down over the Ohio River yesterday.  I like to try to get things done places other than my room and yesterday that place was the Evansville Riverfront.  I found a great spot and really enjoyed getting things done while witnessing this gorgeous sundown.  I still wasn't too happy with my photos though, including these two.  The only reason I chose these is because they looked kind of creepy, and I think it's neat.  They looked unnatural to begin with, but I admittedly edited them to make them look even more unnatural, but more striking.  So, don't worry, I know they don't look real.  Anyway, enjoy.


2:  This one really was unnaturally blue to begin with, by the way.


  1. They are kind of cool and creepy. I'd like to see the unedited version also. Dad and I went to the OC Fair yesterday. Loved the pictures and crafts.

  2. So has the 365 days project now become the "hanging out with Tom" project? I'm disappointed.....