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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Update

I've had quite a lot of people lately ask me why I'm in Taiwan, what I'm going to do after Taiwan and tell me they had no clue I got married, moved to Taiwan, etc. etc. So, just to catch everyone up, here's what's going on with Tom and I!

First off, we got married July 9, 2010. Yay!

By the end of July we had already moved to Taiwan. We are teaching English at a cram school in a city called Tainan. We moved here for several reasons, but primarily because we both wanted to live abroad and this was the scenario that made the most sense. We originally wanted to go to Africa, but since the only jobs in Africa for people like us are of the volunteering variety and we are broke, that didn't work out so well. A side benefit to this job is that it gives me valuable experience for getting into a graduate school, which leads to my next subject - our future plans.

Well, our future plans are still very much up in the air. I am currently applying to graduate schools for next fall for a Masters degree in International and Comparative Education Policy . I plan on making another post about that whole subject, so I won't explain what that term means now. If I get in anywhere, chances are we'll head back to the states for at least a year or two. Tom just plain doesn't know what he wants to do. Possible scenarios besides grad school include Peace Corps, teaching English for longer, or just finding some other job! Life is really constantly up in the air for us, it seems. We wish it weren't!

Anyway, I think that covers the main points. Here are just a couple of Taiwan photos.

I never intended to put this hideous photo on my blog, but it encapsulates my life right now so well. Me, in grungy clothes, on the scooter next to some random temple.

These were taken on our Moon Festival trip, which will be another blog post. We love Hank, our scooter.


  1. K, so I did like a 5 min search and saw that IU has that degree. You better be applying there!!!!! I think Vanderbilt did too. That would also be acceptable. None of this west or east cost crap. You may never again have the chance to live near your dear sister!! Just something to think about : )

  2. Vanderbilt - DONE. IU - talk to Tom.

  3. If you join the Peace Corps, I beg you to go around telling people that you are "hard corps."

    OK, so, that can't be an original joke, but I swear I came up with it all on my own.

  4. Ha, I thought you were really confused and that was a picture of Tom. Then when I saw the bigger version, I realized it was you. :D