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Monday, January 31, 2011

Got into George Washington!

I got into George Washington, too!

So, last night I got an email from GW notifying me that my application was under final review.  It sounded like they'd be making a decision soon, so just on the off chance that they'd already posted a decision I logged into the application to see if my status had changed.  To my surprise, it said my decision had been mailed and then a little further had a link to see what the decision was.  I opened up the letter and read:

"I am pleased to admit you to the Master of Arts in Education and Human Development program in the field of International Education in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, beginning Fall 2011."


I was really surprised to hear so soon (from either school) because I only applied a couple weeks ago.  Plus, I was expecting to have to wait until March.  Here are some campus pictures:

And the down low.

- I love D.C.
- I have family and friends close by
- It's a great place to be for someone studying and international discipline
- The World Bank and IMF are literally right down the street
- I think tuition is comparable with Vanderbilt (which i guess isn't really good)
- I MIGHT have a higher chance for funding
- Did I mention that I LOVE D.C.?
- Could be a good place for Tom to find a job IF he doesn't get into grad school

- The program is not ranked nearly as high (31st)
- It has one of those city campuses (I like to know I'm at a university, ya know?)
- Cost of living is higher than Vanderbilt

2 down, 4 to go

By the way, it's Chinese New Year, so we're going on vacation tomorrow morning to Green Island.  Should be interesting.

See ya!


  1. Way to go Sheri! So happy for you to get into Vanderbilt and George Washington. Glad you had a fun Taiwanese Christmas.

  2. WOOOOOOO! Congrats! I think you should go to GW so I can visit you in DC! But I'm just selfish. :D