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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tom's Birthday!

So I made a nice post about this, and then it got deleted.  Boo.  So, this will be quite short.

Basically, Tom's birthday was on October 16th.  The night before we went to Coldstone to kick off the celebrations.  It was probably the best time I've ever had going out to get ice cream.  That night, I waited for Tom to fall asleep (which he didn't do until, like 2am or something!) and then I carefully snuck out and bought some special snacks for him at Family Mart (convenience store).  I hid them around the house along with several love notes (some of which he still hasn't found).  In the morning, he woke up and found some of the things and then, even though it was Saturday, Tom had to work for a couple hours.  After he came home I'm not sure what we did, but at night we drove the scooter to the pretty area of town by the river and by the sea, called Anping, and went to this great park.  The thing I love about Taiwanese parks is that, unlike American parks, even if you go there late at night there are still just families or nice old people, instead of bums or drug dealers.  It was a great atmosphere.  The park also had some beautiful sculptures.  Here they are:

I like this photo and the next couple, because I feel like they show the family atmosphere.

Same sculpture, different perspective.

This photo is real, not photoshopped or anything.  The one on the left is just much farther back than the one on the right.
After we left the park, we went to a supposedly authentic American food restaurant called Candy's.  We were super excited and all of the food in the menus looked absolutely scrumptious.  However, we were quite disappointed.  The lasagna tasted like Mexican food and the "steak" was this thin, gritty, grey thing.  

The day was still really pleasant though and we still remember his birthday fondly.

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