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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am a Bath Person

I am.  I am much happier when I have consistent access to a warm, pleasant bath.  I've always enjoyed a rare bath, but it wasn't until I lived in Evansville, In. that I began to prefer them regularly.  My life at that time was perfect for discovering the world of regular bath-taking.  I was a live-in nanny for my aunt and uncle and only worked until around 5 or so.  I also had zero friends.  So, I had to find something worthwhile to do with my evenings.  I explored the area plenty (though, let's be honest, there wasn't THAT much to explore), I surfed the internet, planned a trip around the world, developed my photography hobby and I read and read and read.  All through college, as an English major, I had done plenty of reading.  But it had been a loooong time since I'd read for pleasure.  The reading began in Mississippi and carried over into Indiana as well.  Some of my favorite books were read during that period.  These books will come back in later.

Another factor was that I had to be "at" work by 8 or 9 in the morning and I wanted to establish a good sleeping routine.  Specifically, I wanted to get to bed at about the same early hour every night so that waking up would become easier.  The problem was that I have never been very good at falling asleep - especially not before midnight (case in point - it is currently 1:17am).  It was through this problem that I discovered the bath.  I discovered that after a nice, lazy bath I was completely relaxed.  I could fall asleep much easier!

At first, I just started taking baths so I could fall asleep.  I'd bring in whatever book I was reading (being fully engrossed and not willing to part with it) and I'd read until I was either tired of reading, so tired I was falling asleep, or too hot to stand it.  At first, it wasn't even that fun.  But, after a grew on me.  I have deliciously fond memories of being in the bath, reading Salman Rushdie's, "Midnight's Children" eating some carefully prepared, refreshing snacks, which I'd laid out on a chair next to the tub along with some water, my chapstick, a watch, some hairthings and a towel.  I didn't realize how good I had it then, but I look back on those times with such affection.  I have rarely been happier.

I still feel rather blessed, but I miss those easy bath days.  Sure, I have a bathtub now, but as of the beginning of winter it's been lukewarm at best.  I miss my baths!  I miss them so much that I did something desperate tonight.  I filled up the tub partway with lukewarm water, then transferred hot water to it from the sink, with a pot.  Yes, the sink gets scalding hot water, but not the tub.  Tom kept asking me if I thought it was really worth it and I assured him that yes, it was.  And you know what?  It really was.  I didn't even read.  I just sat there in the water with my chair of supplies next to me and enjoyed it.  And you know what?  Now, I'm tuckered.  But I didn't want to go to bed without telling all of you out there with bathtubs that can be filled with hot water, to give baths a chance.  Give them a chance tonight. Bring a book, and be prepared with the necessities and enjoy it.  You won't regret it.  Goodnight.


  1. Maybe it's genetic? I'm obsessed with baths too! I take a bath at least 3 or 4 times a week. No wonder Donny was born in the bath, lol! My one must haves for our next house is a giant garden tub.

  2. I love baths too but then I found out that taking baths makes it more likely for me to get a UTI. Not worth it to me!

  3. Em - It really must be genetic and oooh, what's a garden tub??
    Shelley - It's only a risk if the bath isn't sanitized, right? Like if it's a public bath? Em?