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Friday, March 18, 2011


Finally!  I heard back from UCLA and it's good news again! (G - I sorry! You should talk to USC about developing an International & Comparative Ed. program.) This is the last school, because I also got an email this morning from Columbia that says I was rejected.  I honestly could not care less about the Columbia rejection.  We'd already decided Columbia was way too expensive.  Anyway, so now we get to be in the deciding between offers stage!  It's so fun!

Before we get to the photos, let me tell you how I finally found out.  So, I was getting a little worried because I really felt like I should have heard already about UCLA.  Also, I've been keeping up on a grad forum where people post information about the schools and you can see which schools have started sending out decisions, etc.  So, on the site it seemed like a lot of people were being notified through postal mail and it also seemed like most people had already heard.  So, about a week ago I called and said I was worried that they might have sent the decision to me in Taiwan and that it might have gotten lost in the mail.  The lady immediately wrote me off and said they don't send any decisions by mail.  I thought that was a bit strange since clearly others had gotten it through the mail.  But what could I do?

I resolved to just keep waiting, but yesterday I just got fed up and decided to call again.  This time I talked to much nicer people and before too long I got talking to the right person and she said said I should have received an email already and that they'd all been sent out.  She said they also sent me a letter to Taiwan (which, of course, takes forever).  When I told her I never got an email she just went ahead and told me I'd been admitted!

I was ecstatic, but have been dying ever since because even though she said she'd send me the email again I still haven't gotten it.  I wouldn't care except I want to know if it says anything regarding housing or funding or who my advisor is.  Ya know?  Anyway, I'll just have to call again tonight!  Oh, and you better be sure I've thoroughly check all mail and junkmail...several times.

Alright, I'm sorry the intro was sooo long, but I'm really writing these more for my own records, so you'll just have to bear with me.  Onto the photos!!!  I can actually give a little better commentary on these, because I've been to this campus!

Most of these buildings are styled after buildings in Milan, Italy, which I think is just fabulous.  In combination with the weather, this campus really does feel just a bit like heaven.

Royce Hall (performing arts) :

This picture is taken from underneath the arch walkway of Royce Hall.  In the background is the Powell Library - UCLA's main library.

Library esthetics are actually very important for me.  Isn't this one cool?

Inside Powell Library :

Both Powell Library and Royce Hall are at the top of a hill.  There is a nice big open square and fountain between them.  In the photo below you see the top of the Janss Steps.  In this photo, Royce is to your right and Powell is to your left and if you walk forward you will see this fabulous view and the steps going down before you.

Like this:

When Tom and I visited UCLA's campus over Christmas break 2009/10 it was a beautiful day and we spent some time just relaxing at the top of the steps and then on the grass to the side of them.  It really is a great place to enjoy the sunshine.  There were some great dogs playing too.   We loved it.
From the bottom.  That's Royce Hall at the top.


There are a few other nice buildings to the sides and at the bottom of the hill.  One of them is this guy, Kerckhoff Hall.  

Kerckhoff is one of the student union buildings.  So, it has places to study and eat, etc.

View of Kerckhoff from the top of the Janss Steps.

On the other side of the steps is this one - Kaufman Hall.  It's an arts building that, I think, mostly focuses on dance.

And, drum roll...............

The Graduate School of Education and Information Studies building!
The building is called Moore Hall and it was also one of the original buildings from the early years of the school, like the others I've shown so far.  It's really nice!  I like it!  I don't remember seeing it when we visited, so I can't say how I feel about it in person, but I'm not too concerned.  Here are the pics!

Honestly, I feel like it's at the perfect location on campus.  If you look at the map below, it is the one that says "Brevlon Breast Center" - don't ask me why.  But, Kerckhoff Hall and the Student Activities Center are to the left of it and Powell Library is above and to the right of it.  And, therefore, it's also close to the steps and accompanying grassy area that I like.

And, just to end with a nice photo instead of a map, here's a realy cool sculpture garden on campus.

So, now that you've been introduced to the campus, it's time to give the run down!  Man I love doing these posts.  I'm sorry that you probably don't enjoy them neeearly as much as I do.  I just love daydreaming about them!  Don't worry, I'll soon be back to the usual posts.  Here we go.


- Um, I love the campus!  But then again, I say that about all the campuses.
- Up until a few days ago I thought it was a two year program, but somehow I think I actually got that wrong!  It seems like it's a one year program!  I'm in the process of finding out for sure.  For some reason these things aren't as straightforward as one might think.  For this post, we'll assume 1 year.
- If 1 year, it's DEFINITELY the cheapest option, even though housing is horrendously expensive.  Even without funding (which I haven't heard about yet), tuition is about half Vanderbilt's (after funding), which is cheaper than Penn's.  Good thing I refused to give up my California license!
- Um, hello, family and friends!
- Uh, weather!
- Fabulous city with TONS to explore (as if I'll have time)
- Maybe more job options for Tom (although, everywhere's pretty rough right now)
- I really like the program, at least based on the website.
- UCLA is ranked #6 for Ed. programs.  Penn is #12, Vandy is #1.  I think I'm just not that concerned about rank since they're all well ranked.
- My Grandpa Gorg got (I think) a Masters in Engineering at UCLA!  Actually, since my Grandpa Money went to BYU, I'd have attended universities both grandparents had gone to.
- The school year starts way later, which would give us ample time to get all set up and even relax and explore a little.
- The beach...right there.

- It would be nice to be in Philly with Tom's brother, Bob and his family.
- In a small way I prefer to go to a school that isn't so familiar...or something like that, but eh, I also don't really care.
- I feel like I almost have a kinship with Vandy because they've been so nice and supportive and I don't feel that way about UCLA.

Well, that's pretty much all I can think of for now.  I hope this post wasn't too indulgent for you!  Finally, may all of you have things in your lives work out for you like grad school has for me so far.  I feel insatiably grateful.  Let the decision making begin!


  1. YES!!! Congrats! I like this one purely because that would mean I would get to see you so much more!! Haha! Pick the one closest to family and friends! Traffic, schmaffic. There's always the train!

  2. I know! And I'd get to see your pretty baby

  3. Congrats!! You know they say your loyalty lies with your undergrad, so UCLA for grad school isn't that bad. :) But let me just say those hills are KILLER!! You'll def get a work out if you have to climb it all the time. And housing shouldn't be too bad. I know people who live in like Culver City or Century City and it's cheaper than it used to be, but I don't really know what your budget is.

    Anyway, CONGRATS!!! You must be super awesome for getting into all these schools!

  4. Congrats!! I'm having so much fun reading all the grad school posts. One HUGE omission in the pros column: In N Out Burger!!

  5. so. my plane leaves tomorrow (4/1) at 1515. one night in taizong & then it'll be onto tainan for i think at least 3-4 days. email me if you want to try and make some plans? [: