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Monday, September 3, 2012

Arron & Ashley's Wedding

Right after we came back from Hamburg, my brother got  married!!  We were all pretty excited about it, especially since the girl he married is great!

My sisters and I were all bridesmaids and you can see our dresses below:

The colors were neon orange, pink and green.  At first I wasn't sure how that was going to look, but it actually turned out pretty cool!  The decorations at the reception were especially cool, which will be my next post.  All the groomsmen wore orange ties and the little boys got adorable orange bow ties (see below).  Then, the little girls got green tutus with pink leggings and headbands.  Please enjoy the zillions of pictures I took of my adorable nieces and nephews below.

This is Cash.  Check out the beautiful blue eyes and lucious red lips.  He's a total sweetheart too.

This one is a CHARMER.  The two nephews are exactly the same age, but Donny is so much tinier than Cash!  His voice is tiny too and it all really throws you off when he speaks in full sentences!

This is my sweet niece Josie.  She's REALLY smart and very well behaved and just so innocent.  She looooved the skirt.

Rori (Aurora) was just born in June.  So sweet.

Grandma in Heaven with her grandbabies.


He was laughing his head off.

Josie picks flowers everywhere she goes, so she had a bouquet as well.
Mmmmm.  Yes please.  Tom was such a trooper the whole day.  I was proud to call him mine.   Also, he's really good-looking.

If you know my brother, you know why I took a picture of this street we saw on the way home.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the colors and big tutus and bowties!! Awesome!

  2. Sheri, your newphews and nieces are so adorable!!!!btw, the GQ pic is so cute!

  3. Somehow I missed this post and am just now getting to it. Nice pictures! Mom said you were having some health issues. Hope you're coping OK? And how is Tom?