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Friday, February 26, 2010

More of My Plants

Alright, so here are the rest of the pictures I took of my valentine amaryllis as well as pictures from the photo-shoot I had with my paperwhite narcissus that bloomed. The amaryllis ones I took with the lights in my apartment all off and a desk lamp shining behind the flower. The pictures of the paperwhite are proof that I have a very hard time choosing which photos discard and which to accept for these posts. As a result I have a whole bunch of just one flower arrangement. Please help me by telling me which photos you like the best. Thanks!



3: This photo or the next? I like the light better on one and the focus better on the other.



6: Had a hard time choosing between this one and two others that were incrementally farther zoomed out.



9: In the first couple pictures you can see that I tied a string around the stems. This was so the flowers didn't do this. At the same time, though, I kind of like the wildly careening look of these ones that are branching out, so I have quite a few pictures of them here.

10: This one's branching out too. This one or the next?


12: This one or the next?


Great! Thanks for playing!


  1. I like 1,3,5,7,11,12 the best. I love that you love plans. I have always loved plants and I use to read and study about them and how to care for them. Unfortunately I don't have much time for them these days. I am looking forward to my bulbs coming up.

  2. Thanks mommy! I love that we love plants too. Plants and photography are good bonding points for us! Grandma just sent me a fun email about her mom and herself and plants as well. :) . And thanks, as always, for telling me your fav's. Also, some of my other bulbs (which I was worried about) are starting to stir too!