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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mostly My Plants

So, after working at Merrifield Garden Center in Virginia I became a "plant lady." I now have about...25 plants in my little apartment, which I lovingly take care of as if they were my babies. I must admit - I even talk to them on a regular basis. Moving on. So, as anyone who has regularly kept up with my blog will know, I also happen to enjoy taking photos of plants. But, shortly after I got to Tulsa I realized that I left my camera battery charger in Peru, so I hadn't gotten to take many photos of them up til recently. I'm not THAT happy with the photos I've gotten of them so far, but they're not bad. babies.

1: I got this beautiful orchid for free from the sale rack at Merrifield. When I first got it, it had maybe three or four white flowers still. It was destined to lose them all soon, however, and now has. Although I knew this when I got the flower I was still sad when, one by one, they dropped and it just really seemed like...well...the orchid was sad too. These next two were taken in an effort to portray...the orchid's...mourning. Yes, I may humanize my plants a little too much, but I feel that Hugh B. Brown would understand


3: I'm excited for when the spring comes and this tree turns colors and attracts even more birds. Nice winter pic though.

4: I got a few little cuttings of a dwarf coleus from one of the lovely ladies who works in the greenhouse at Merrifield and it grew big enough for me to separate it into two pots. In fact, I think I could separate it into even more at this point. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that when I got back from Peru, one of them had sprouted this lovely flower spike! I didn't even know that they grew flowers! So, I don't like the photo that much, but I wanted to show off the flower spike.

5: The herbs in my window sill a little more grown up + a dwarf coleus.


7: Another plant that got beautiful tiny flowers when I didn't even know it grew any. This is my white polka dot.

8: This is what the body of the dwarf coleii look like.

9: This is an amaryllis flower that Tom got me for valentine's day. These photos really don't to it justice. If you aren't familiar with amaryliss' (plural sp?) you should really look them up. I have more of this one on my camera that haven't been uploaded yet, so to be continued.



  1. Kevin and I laughed at your Brown reference. One of our favorite talks! Gorgeous pictures!! What setting do you use as far as M,A,S,P and other settings? I'm trying to learn more about photography. How's Tulsa?

  2. I'm so glad you liked my Brown reference! On almost all of my plant photos I use a high aperture (like f 3.5). I usually keep it on the Av setting of my camera because I care most about aperture and shutting speed usually. If I stick it on Av, I can put it on 3.5 and then let it give me the correct settings for everything else. This also usually gives me the correct shutter speed because usually I want it as high as I can get it and usually the higher I put my aperture the higher it'll put my shutter speed. Does that make sense? If I put it on Tv and put the shutter speed high it would just give me a high aperture anyway. The only other thing I usually mess with is exposure. Sometimes I have to adjust it, especially since I use a filter. I'm glad you're learning more about photography! Also, Tulsa's great! Love my apartment, love being with Tom and don't have a bad job. How're the babies?