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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Graduation Day!

This post is from the day Tom graduated from Law School. His Dad and brother, Matt, were able to come down, which, I think, made all the difference for him. It was really quite a nice day. The ceremony wasn't completely boring, we look lots of great photos and went out to eat at a fabulous restaurant afterward.

1: This was taken on my porch while I was waiting to be picked up for the festivities. This plant was originally a bulb from the "mystery bulb" pile at the garden center. Still have no idea what it was, but it ended up probably being my favorite.

2: Matt, showing a signature Armstrong trait.

3: Tom's favorite graduation speaker.

4: Tom listening intently.

5: Tom awaiting his name.

6: Got tired of waiting, apparently, and jumped the gun.

7: Quick photo.

8: Two future lawyers and two law grads.

9: The happy couple.

10: Mmmm.

11: U. Tulsa campus


13: After many attempts.






Til next time!


  1. YAY!!! Welcome back to blogging! Of course, 15 and 18 are my favs! You know we want to hear all the juicy details about your life so far. Give us details!!!

  2. I love this! Thanks for updating! Can't wait to hear more!! I agree with Emily. We want the juicy details about your life! :-)

  3. Cute! I think you're a way better jumper than Tom. (sorry Tom!)