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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Honeymoon (Day 2)

On Tuesday, we headed around to the north west part of the island. Kauai has only one main road, by the way, and it goes all the way around the island except it doesn't connect on the west part of the island because the canyon is too big. In other words, if you were in the south west, you'd have to head east and go all the way around the island to get to the north west. Luckily, it's a very pretty road. We drove it each day in this really ghetto car that we rented for $27/day while we listened to reggae on the radio. If I had to give these posts a soundtrack, this song would be on it: .

Anyway, so we headed to the north west part of the island where we ended up taking another hike. Once again, a completely unforgettable experience. For this hike, we walked two miles on a trail that looked out on the ocean. Then, we reached a small beach that was just beautiful. We took a little break there and then hiked inland for two more miles through what looked, pretty much, like a jungle. This part was especially fun because it wasn't just leisurely walking, it was climbing over boulders and, well, trying to follow that path, which wasn't always easy. Basically, we felt like Indiana Jones much of the time. The trail ends at this really high waterfall with a pool underneath that you can just swim in. It was great. After that, of course, we had to hike all the way back. 8 miles total. We were SO tired by the end, especially since the trail was so strenuous and also because, well, we didn't bring much food or water. We tend to do that. Anyway, here are the pictures from Tuesday!

1: Just a place we stopped at along the way. Tom's looking at the ocean and, of course, I'm looking at Tom :) .

2: I know it doesn't look that amazing in the picture, but this was a big wall of rock with, literally, trees growing out of the side of it in all directions. It was...well...wicked.


4: This was at a garden we stopped at along our drive.

5: On the trail by the ocean.

6: Tom buried in the sand at the little beach half way through the hike.


8: The waterfall at the end.


One more honeymoon post to come!

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