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Monday, September 13, 2010

Honeymoon! (Part 3)

On Wednesday, we had our only actually scheduled activity. Ziplining! While it, honestly, wasn't quite as scary as I'd hoped it would be, it was nevertheless a very enjoyable activity. Our group actually consisted mostly of middle aged people who were all very friendly and endearing. The location was also really nice. And thrilling or not, soaring through the air is still fun. The good thing about the tour we did, I think, was that we got to go on something between 7 and 9 ziplines whereas most only go on 3 - 5. We also got to go on a suspension bridge. All the photos are of Tom, of course.

1: The suspension bridge.

2: I love how Tom is taking a very hardcore headfirst jump here.

3: Ziplining in action.

And, just kidding, there's one more honeymoon post!

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