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Monday, September 13, 2010

Honeymoon (Final Post!)

So, I don't have too many worthwhile pics from this day. Just a couple. Thursday was our last day on the honeymoon. In the morning we headed back up to the North West coast to Hanalei Bay. It's, once again, breathtakingly beautiful, with sparkling blue water, green mountains and swaying palm trees. There's also a nice reef, so we went snorkeling there. By far, the best part was when we found a sea turtle! We were so captivated we must have watched it for at least a half hour. What was great was that it didn't fight the current at all. It would just kind of sway with it and go up and down and find fish as it went. It didn't mind that we were there either and I got close enough so that several times we were staring into each other's eyes. Don't think Tom's eyes were the only ones I stared into on the honeymoon. It totally reminded me of "Finding Nemo." Any second I expected him to turn to me and say, "wooooah dude."

After the Bay we had just enough time to have dinner at a restaurant called the Blue Dolphin. It was a really nice restaurant with a great atmosphere and great food and was a great way to end the honeymoon. Then we drove straight to the airport for our 10 pm flight. And it was off to get ready for Tom to take the BAR and for the both of us to move out of the country!

1: Hanalei Bay

2: View across the street from the Blue Dolphin


  1. I'm so glad you went to Kauai. It is one of the most beautiful breathtaking places ever. I hope Dad and I will go there together someday. We both went as youth. I hope you are enjoying Taiwan. I love your pictures.

  2. When are you going to do a wedding post?!?! As soon as you do, I will post and link to it on mine : )