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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Belated Happy Birthday to...Me!

My birthday was way back on May 5th, but I've been too lazy to make a post about it until now.  The only reason I got to it, actually, is because I have another post I'm quite excited to do and, since I don't want to mess up the mostly chronologically pure nature of my blog, I had to do this one first.

Anyway, Tom and I couldn't really come up with a great plan for my birthday, especially since we both worked that evening.  But, it ended up being fun anyway.  Arguably, the best part of the day was waking up to a DELICIOUS breakfast of crepes with a homemade orange glaze type sauce, made by my talented husband.  They were made even better by being eaten on the balcony in view of a "Happy Birthday" poster Tom had made for me.  It was followed by opening presents from, yes, Tom.  Aint he great?

A few hours later, we picked up some lunch and headed to the "beach."  That sentence sounds a lot nicer than the reality.  FIrst of all, we wanted to get a scrumptious lunch to go, but the only thing we could honestly think of to get was Burger King, because all the other take out places we know aren't real tasty :( .  Second, the beach in Tainan just...isn't that spectacular.  It's really hot, quite dirty, rocky and barren, with no good waves.  It was a bit of a rough start, but we enjoyed it anyway!  Here is Tom after eating the hamburgers, which were actually soggy:

The best part of the trip was just walking and talking down by the surf.  It was made even better by the appearance of this little guy:

He was beautiful!  Look at those colors!  He was pretty good about sitting for my photos session too.  I got pretty close, but he didn't scamper off.

Mmm, yes:

Tom with the crab:

Work was actually pretty good.  My manager, who is quite forceful and outspoken in a very endearing way is also very much the drill sergeant type with the kids.  So, pretty much every kid who walked by me she'd stop them and sternly say, "go say Happy Birthday to Teacher Sheri!  Now!"  It was pretty funny.  When I walked into my first class, it was a bit of a shock when one of my students immediately said, "Teacher Sheri!  It's my birthday!"  In honor of our birthdays we made the class a bit more of a party and I let him win all class long at every game.  One of my favorite students, Leo, from my oldest class wrote me a little "Happy Birthday Teacher Sheri!" message and put it on my desk.  

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