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Thursday, June 30, 2011


The other day, Tom and I were talking about how important good fathers are and, at the same time, how there are too few of them.  Tom and I are both lucky enough to have fabulous fathers, but obviously plenty of people out there don't.  It made me pretty sad to think about and I just wanted to go out and teach all these dads out there how important it is to be a good dad and how much good they can do in their children's lives.  Today, by sheer coincidence, I stumbled upon, which is actually trying to do just that!  They have a lot of great stuff on there.  I most enjoyed looking at all their media.  My favorite was this ad:

Doesn't that just make you happy?  Actually, these ads really reminded me A LOT of the ads that the church does, often on the same or similar subjects.  Like this one:

Horrible video quality, but still great.  And, just because the little girl's squeal is so adorable and even though it has nothing to do with fathers, I thought I'd share this one too:

Hope you enjoyed the videos and I hope some guy out there who could be a better father and just needed some encouragement got it from these videos!

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