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Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Month to Go (Well, 29 Days...)

There are SO MANY posts I need to make right now.  Saturday was our 1 year wedding anniversary (CRAZY) - that deserves a post.  Plus, I need to report back on the Foundation Camp I participated in this past week - definitely post-worthy.  Those are the main ones, but there are more.  Instead, however, I've been really feeling the urge to do a post about how we are one month out from moving back to the states and all of my thoughts on that.  My brain mostly thinks of it in terms of things I miss about the States and things I will miss about Taiwan.  So, I'll just give you the lists.

First off, things I will miss about Taiwan:

- EVERYONE being nice to us.  I really can't overstate this and it is the #1 thing I think of when I ponder about Taiwan.

- Along with that, there's our amazing ward (church group).  We didn't even have to put forth any effort, whatsoever, to make friends because everyone just did all the work for us.  This is even more impressive considering the language barrier and considering we aren't only friends with English speakers.  Case in point, in two weeks we are taking a mini two-day vacation with a family in the ward that speaks almost zero English.  Yep, that's right - they are friendly enough to go on vacation with a family who they can't even properly communicate with!  Most families wouldn't even be friendly enough to do that with a family they've known for years!  Final example - the whole ward is having a going away party, just for us.  Really?  We did nothing to deserve it!

- Being treated like a celebrity (the counter will also be on the other list).  However annoying sometimes, it is definitely a confidence boost to have people stare admiringly at you all day and try to take pictures with you.

- 711 / Family Mart (kicks the trash of the American version of the chain)

- My kids at school.  Oh, I will miss them a lot, a lot.  I have quite a lot of affection for my students.  I may even get to see one of them when I get to Philly!  They will be in the area and want to visit!

- The CTs (Chinese Teachers) who I work with.  I like the NSTs (Native Speaking Teachers) at work as well, but have definitely become closer to the Chinese Teachers.  They are so very endearing and so very impressive.  I really admire them and appreciate them.

- Having a nice apartment.  It may not feel that homey, but it sure is big enough and nice enough.

- Driving a scooter.  Cheap to buy, cheap on gas, convenient in a city, thrilling, and of course, coooool.

- Certain things being very cheap.  Water park? $1.60.  Jeans? $6.  Big jug of water? $0.20

- The obsession with education.

- Asian babies.

- There's much more, but that's enough.

Things I miss about the States (or things I am looking forward to):

- THE FOOD.  I currently spend two or three hours a week drooling over this.

- Seeing my new nephews and niece, who I haven't met yet. Plus, of course, my....old nephews and nieces, who I've already met.

Donovan (Donny) - born the day after Cash.
Cash (born while I was sleeping, my first night in Taiwan)

Brooklyn - Born Feb. 9th.
- The rest of my family and friends.

- Knowing where to shop for everything imaginable.

- Being able to speak quickly and intelligently and have people understand me.

- Less pollution.

- Wider streets.

- Sidewalks.

- Nicer parks.

- Being able to order off a menu instead of just pointing hopefully to photos displayed around the restaurant.

- Beds that aren't just a slab of wood.

- Cooler, less humid weather.

- Driving a car.

- Libraries and bookstores that are in English.

- Things, in general, being in English.

- Netflix / Hulu, etc.

- Being in the same or similar time zone as everyone so I don't have to call people when it's the middle of the night for me.

- Not being stared at / treated like a celebrity.

- Going to Penn and living in Philly.

- Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.


  1. It has already been a year since I have seen you two, since I last saw you on your wedding day and then flew off to Emily's. It seems like longer except skype helps. See you in 28 days. I miss you.

  2. We are soooooo excited to see you when you come through! You are coming to see us, right?!?!? Oh, those rock hard beds. Do they think they are comfy? I remember staying in this crappy hotel my last night in China and piling my clothes on the bed so I could sleep on them since the bed was so hard, lol. Maybe you could just bring an asian baby home? Haha.....
    We will make sure to cook you a goooooood meal when yo come!! Oh, and HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!!! I totally remembered but forgot to tell you. Oops.

  3. And we welcome you back! Although is Philly less humid in the summer? Yeah it probably is. "Things being in English..." I remember Katie saying that was one of the best things, for her, coming back from Puerto Rico where everything - including music at the grocery store - is in Spanish. And was that last photo tapioca pudding with fresh strawberries? YUM...

  4. Finally you are coming home!!! We need to hang out for SURE. Your hubby doesn't mind if I steal you, right? ;-) You can come out and see my house and we can make some FOOD that you've been craving and watch some NETFLIX. lol.

  5. Oh my, this is all making me soooo happy. Mom - I miss you too. Happy birthday. Call you in a minute! Em - responded on your blog. Karen - I read your blog too btw! I just got back from working a summer camp where EVERYTHING was in Chinese aaaaall day and night. So ready for English! And yes, it's tapioca - maybe the #1 food I've craved oddly enough. Shelley - That sounds DIVINE. I CAN'T WAIT!