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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Video Tour Pictures

A few weeks back Tom and I took the scooter around Tainan and to get some places on video.  I took my camera along as well, and shot a few pics at a couple of the spots, so I thought I'd share.  Long story on why I can't just show you the video.  Short answer is that I don't have it.

The first place I took photos was at Zhongshan Park.  I've put pictures of the park up on the blog before, so maybe they're old news, but I'll post them anyway.

As far as the eye can see.

The second spot I shot some pictures is at our favorite temple.  Tainan has temples on literally every block, so most of the time we don't get that interested anymore, but this ones a bit different.  We discovered it sometime during our first few months here.  We were walking on this walking trail, came around the bend and there it was.  It's set waaaay back with a vast empty parking lot in front of it.  The parking lot is in complete ruins, with plants growing up in it, the concrete breaking apart and a huge pile of broken bricks in one part.  Yet, the temple itself seems to be extremely well kept.  It's really beyond the typical temple we feel.  Check it out.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I feel culturally enlightened whenever I come read your blog :-)

  2. Hey, any idea when we might see you? Like, a ballpark guess is ok. Sometime in August? Just trying to make sure there are no conflicts and we will be here : ) How long could you stay?