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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anping Fort

On Feb. 19th, we decided to go check out this old fortress that we'd seen when we were renting bikes for this bike trip.  It was pretty cool.  Not spectacular, but cool.  Here are the photos.

They built (in modern times) a tower that you can climb that has some good views of the city.  We noticed that not too far away there was this massive, crazy looking cemetery.  You can see it in the photos below.

These flowers were growing on top of the brick wall that's in the first picture.

These next few were taken by Tom, who is beginning to take my camera more and more often.  I pretend to be annoyed, but am secretly quite proud of him.  While he was taking these I was checking out some cookbooks in the visitor's center that had recipes for night market and side stall food, which I thought was great.  I bought one, partly to cook some things I like and partly just to show people back home.

After we were done with the fortress we decided to go check out the cemetery.  You couldn't really walk inside though, without stepping on things you shouldn't step on.

The walk to the cemetery took us through a neat alleyway.  In truth, Tainan alleyways are often neat.

Note the popcorn hanging from the fence.  Decoration?
I can't explain it, but this apartment area seemed so much more homey than most here.  It reminded me a bit of home, with the grass.  It just felt better.
On our way home we stopped by a park to play a little catch, then played around with the exercise / playground equipment.  This old lady came over and we had a whole conversation together in our respective languages.  We gathered that she really liked me, she thought I was strong (due to my antics on the equipment I suppose) and she was worried that I was cold.  I can't remember what else.  But she was so cool and so nice!  I'm going to miss people like that when we go back to the states, because the people here are ABSOLUTELY nicer.  No question.


  1. omgoodness i cant believe i can't find your email address -.-;; well... hopefully you'll check this because im only in tainan for another night -.-;; taking the train to taipei tomorrow (04/07) around 11ish i think. email me or something. im over on minsheng, section 2 #190

    -kt tseng

  2. I love the last two posts. I am green with envy over Green Island. It really fits the name. I especially like the staircase pics. All of the pics of the island are beautiful. I am enjoying the view here in Indiana of some of my adorable posterity.