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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flower Exposition

Boo.  For the zillionth time, I spent forever writing up this post, only to have it deleted by blogger.  I pressed "publish" and it gave me an error message and then wouldn't even let me log in for the next day or so. 

As a result, the post will be much abridged.  Basically, we went to Taipei a few weekends ago with our ward for a temple trip.  The temple was great!  We went to Taipei 101's food court a couple times and had fabulous food, were minimally instrumental in returning a young child to her parents and, as the title of this post indicates, we went to the floral expo.  It wasn't all we'd hope it would be and was mostly boring displays, but was hugely crowded.  The only redeeming quality was the bizarre parade we stumbled across at the end.

The next couple photos are evidence of how crowded it was.  The first is the line in front of us and the second is the line behind us.

Also, my friend Heather came and joined us for most of the time, which was great because I really needed some fun conversation to liven up the experience!

This display supposedly represented America, but focused mostly on Idaho spuds.  A decent amount of people were also lined up to take photos wearing cowboy hats.

One area had a couple of nice bonsais.

Just after taking this photo, some people who had clearly been ogling us asked to take a picture not with us, but of us.  As if there aren't tons of picture of white people on the internet and on billboards.  But eh, I'm sure we'll miss it when we get back.

Creepy or not, we sometimes take photos of adorable kids.  If Tom and I could give birth to an asian baby, we would.

At the floral expo, as in Tainan, Christmas trees are still totally accepted decoration.

Now comes the parade photos.  As you look at these you should imagine "It's a Small World" in Chinese playing in the background....over and over.

So, that's the Expo!  And the Taipei trip!  As a side note, in the middle of the night before taking the train back, I threw up big time.  Then again after I got up, then again once we were back in Tainan.  Great way to end the trip!


  1. Amen on the Asian baby thing!

  2. So as to avoid losing your post, you should copy and paste the whole thing including html to an empty document. I do that all the time. I think you should totally have an asian baby. I dare you. It would be awesome cause people would ask if they were adopted and you could look shocked and say, "Pshhh, no!! Can't you see the resemblance?!"

  3. It makes me wonder hearing about all the throwing up you have been doing lately.... :-)

  4. Ya know, I thought I was being sneaky throwing that clue it there, but you're just too quick for me! JUST KIDDING. More likely I'm just beginning to show my Armstrong side.

    Love how all three comments focused on babies.