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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lion's Baseball!

Baseball is big in Taiwan and Tainan has it's own team - the Lions.  I have no idea how the leagues work in Taiwan or how good the Lions are.  But, a few weeks ago Tom and I went to a Lion's game with some other families in our ward.  It was great!  I'm pretty sure our team won, too.

Here are some things that are different about baseball games in Taiwan:

1.) Instead of a band or pop music over a loud speaker, they use live drums.  They also use these plastic things that you can wave or smack together and everyone knows the beats and moves and yells the cheers in unison.  The cheers got stuck in our heads for days.

2.) Instead of having someone do pushups or firing a canon or doing fireworks when points are scored they wave these great big fans.

3.) The food.  While they have Taiwanese hotdogs and popcorn, they also have lots of other funky things.

Here are a couple of photos.

Tom talking to one of the guys in the ward, Brother VanCott, about investing.
GOOOOO Lions!!!  Jiayo!  Jiayo!  Jiayo!

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