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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 3: Thursday, April 23, 2009

My cousin Ariana (who I nanny) is turning three years old tomorrow, so we had a birthday party for her at her preschool today. I, of course, was the designated photographer. My philosophy always has been that the more pictures you take, the more good pictures you are likely to end up with. So how many photos did I take of this one hour preschool party? Exactly 648. Luckily, it seems to have worked, since I did come up with some good photos. Although, once again, since I'm still learning, the pictures aren't perfect and quite often they're either over or underexposed. Of those 648, it's been difficult, but I've chosen just a few of each kid. First will be Ari:

I laud her for how daintily she is eating that tiny cupcake here.

Clearly the dainty didn't last.

Ari likes hats, so all the kids got hats.

I think this one is pretty funny of Ari and her mom.

Next comes Arnoff:

He was totally hamming it for the camera the whole time.

He chose the ladybug hat right away. There was no question in the matter.

Next comes grant. He's about half the size of the other kids and so quiet he's always being forgotten about.

Here he is looking evil.


I love both of the Lauren ones.


She was probably the easiest to photograph.

When she first got her hat she got a little shy, but I managed to catch her sneaking a glance at me and my huge camera.

Here's Vince:

Lastly, Susannah. She's super quiet like Grant and is ADORABLE.

Having a bit of trouble climbing.

Love her smile.

And this is a random girl on the playground:

Now for the group shots:

This was when I had from 3 - 6 kids at a time all staring at me while I just snapped pictures right back at them. They were fascinated with the camera.

Here we have Vince crying, Grant staring at him, Susannah covering her ears, Lauren picking her nose and Ari...poking her eye?

Last but not least, here's Susannah and Mallory laughing at my fishie faces.

Whew - glad to be done with uploading those.

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  1. I think my favorite picture was of Mallory wearing that hat, such a great pic I love it!