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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 8: Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of all the days I've done this so far, I think I had the hardest time narrowing down my photos today.  Maybe eventually I'll get the hang of just putting one up, but not today.  Anyway, the first photo I chose, simply because it was pretty.  The next set is all of birds.  In case you were wondering, I love cardinals.  I love other birds too, but cardinals are also very easy to photograph.  
I like how this next one looks kind of dreamy.  Also, I must say that at this very moment, the ducks are outside quacking.  They sound pretty frantic, which means the female duck is probably out there with at least two males.  There are four males total and they all fight like crazy over her.  I'll have to go over that some other time.
This next set of photos, showcases birds while they are flying/diving.  So, here's the male cardinal sitting in the tree.
Here he is dive-bombing.
Here's the female cardinal sitting in the tree.
I like to think they dive-bombed into the same tree and spent some quality time together.  Two little cardinals sitting in a tree...  This next one is just funny.  Here's another male cardinal dive-bombing...
...straight into the feeder.  I guess he was eager for some food.
And lastly, a fluttering cardinal.  Feel free to zoom in.  I didn't want to include a cropped photo of it.
See if you can guess what this next section features.  That shape on the left there is Ariana.  What is she looking at?
Frogs!  There are TONS of frogs in the lake and they're all really noisy and active right now (mating?).  I can, in fact, hear them right now.  In case you've never heard bull frogs before and don't know how they got their name, I'll tell you that they sound just like cows.  If I want to, it is often very easy to imagine I live on a farm and there are a bunch of cows outside my window.  Anyway, Ariana and I saw this frog (which is not the same one as above) when we were on the neighbor's dock feeding fish.  He let us get unusually close, but wouldn't make any noise like the rest of them.  Ari and I were trying to get him to talk ("Come on froggy, talk!  We're not scary strangers!  We're nice!  We love you!  We want you to take a bath with us!  We want you to go everywhere with us!  You an sleep with us!") when one of the other frogs moo'd.  Right about that time, Ari goes, "what was that noise?"  I, thinking she was referring to the moo, said, hopefully, "I think it was a frog!  Maybe it was our frog talking!"  And she goes, "I think it was me tooting."  "Or maybe it was that."  Anyway, aren't these cool?  The first one is just to show you how he really looked.  The second two are me getting artistic.  BTW, most of my photos today have been cropped, but none otherwise edited, since I still haven't had time for that.

Later we came back to the dock and saw this one on the other side.  I included the non cropped one so you could see the beautiful colors in the water.

And just one final frog for good measure.  Thanks for looking!

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