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Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 7: Monday, April 27, 2009

I almost didn't take a picture for the blog today, because it's getting toward the end of the day and I have a lot to do and hadn't taken any pictures yet.  I'm so glad I did though!  Here's the story.  I have this snake staff in my room and had just written something about it for my facebook status, so I decided to try to make it the subject of a still life photo.  I also have this vase with some bamboo sticks(?) coming out of it, and I thought it might be cool to have the snake's head be coming through the bamboo fronds(?).  The vase with the bamboo stalks(?) was too short when on the floor and too tall when on chairs, so I decided to flip this book carryer thing on its side and put the vase on top of it, which then made it just the right height to have the snake head come through the bamboo ------- .  I took a few pictures of it, then had to go to the bathroom.  While I was in the bathroom, my aunt came up to bring me some strawberries in cream, but since I was in the bathroom, she just came in and put it on my night stand.  Now, just to be perfectly clear, there is no way to not see this whole setup with the staff even if all you did was stand at my door, but especially if you walk in and go to the nightstand.  The setup looks like some kind of pagan ritual.  My aunt, bless her heart, doesn't say a word, just sets the strawberries down and walks back downstairs.  She doesn't even say anything to my uncle when she gets down there.  I come out of the bathroom, see the setup and realize that my aunt just saw it and must think I'm crazy and I go down and explain.  I haven't laughed that long in a LONG time.  Below I have included pictures of the setup and of the finished product.  Ha ha.  The end.


  1. HAhaha.......that's hilarious! Great pic, though.

  2. sheri money. who knew you had a blog? all compliments to facebook for my finding out. haha. i love it by the way!

  3. So funny and dramatic looking. I guess Matt and Greta are getting to know the real Sheri. Funny!