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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 19: Saturday, May 9, 2009

I met up with my sister Emily, brother-in-law Kevin and niece Josie in Indianapolis yesterday and had a great day!  We first met at the Indiana Museum of Art, shown below, which actually had some impressive artwork.

This was Josie's standard expression.  She is now an art expert.

Next we went to a war memorial.  I'm not entirely sure what it's official name is, but this is what it looked like inside.  It was closing, so we only had a few minutes, but I loved it!  Would go back and see the rest of it if I went to Indy again.


I don't know what this obelisk was for, but it was right across from the war memorial.  Very neat.

One of Jos's many photo shoots.

I feel like Kevin and Jos look like superman and superman's sidekick here.

This is what the memorial looked like from the outside.

The Circle Monument, which we weren't able to go in.

This is all still at the Circle Monument.

Capitol building?

Barnes and Noble, Barnes and Thornburg or Borders?

Scottish Rite Cathedral

In July I'll probably meet up with them again, but in Nashville.  

Also, this may be the first time I've missed a day of posting, but in my defense, I didn't arrive home until after midnight law night.


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  1. Sheri, thanks so much for meeting up with us! It was so much fun to hang and explore with you; you are a great person! Thanks also for expending your excellent photo skills on our little family, we love you!