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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 29: Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, I'm back!  I got some great photos of the wedding, but you'll have to wait, because I have to catch up on my days.  This day's photos are nothing special because I didn't take very many, but it's a fun memory.  Ari decided she wanted to go camping, so we packed our backpacks, grabbed flashlights, a compass and the emergency tent in my car (thanks mom!) and headed off to the field behind their street!  It was great fun.  We even put some sticks in a pile and made a pretend fire and roasted pretend marshmallows.  My plan to turn her into a tom-boy is working.

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  1. So Fun! You're such a fun nanny! I look forward to when you have your own kids. You will be a really fun mom. Glad you were able to use the tent and compass. Adventures are fun.